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Plate Stand

Plate Stand

Introducing the Acrylic Plate Stands from Frameless Frames – the perfect solution for displaying your plates, artwork, or collectible items with elegance and ease. Available in six standard sizes, these versatile stands are crafted from high-quality plexiglass (perspex) and are proudly NZ made, ensuring durability and a crystal-clear finish.

Each stand is designed to slot together seamlessly, allowing for flat packing and easy storage. This innovative design not only makes these stands practical for transport and storage but also ensures a quick and hassle-free assembly. Whether you're setting up a retail display, organising a gallery exhibition, or showcasing your favourite pieces at home, these acrylic plate stands provide a sleek and modern presentation.

Key Features:
- Made from high-quality clear plexiglass (perspex)
- Available in six standard sizes
- Slot-together design for easy assembly and flat packing
- Customisable to fit your specific needs
- Proudly NZ made
- Ideal for displaying plates, artwork, and collectibles
- Perfect for retail displays, galleries, and home decor

Enhance your display with the Acrylic Plate Stands from Frameless Frames. With their sleek design and practical functionality, these stands are the perfect choice for showcasing your items with style and sophistication. Order now and experience the superior quality and craftsmanship that only NZ-made products can offer.

Can be made to custom sizes and material, such as MDF, or coloured acrylic.

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