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1/4 Quarter Circle Riser - Set of 3

1/4 Quarter Circle Riser - Set of 3

Introducing the Acrylic 1/4 Quarter Circle Riser Set from Frameless Frames, your perfect display solution for elevating your products and enhancing their aesthetic appeal. This set includes three beautifully crafted risers made from high-quality, 3mm thick plexiglass (perspex), ensuring durability and a crystal-clear finish. Proudly NZ made, these risers are ideal for showcasing items in retail stores, trade shows, or at home.

Each riser in the set is designed to fit together seamlessly, creating a versatile and visually appealing display. The 1/4 circle shape allows you to create dynamic and eye-catching arrangements, whether used individually or as a complete set. Additionally, these risers can be custom made to suit your specific needs, providing a tailored solution for your display requirements.

Key Features:
- Made from high-quality 3mm thick plexiglass (perspex)
- Includes a set of 3 risers
- 1/4 circle design for versatile display options
- Customisable to fit your specific needs
- Proudly NZ made

Elevate your display game with the Acrylic 1/4 Circle Riser Set from Frameless Frames, and showcase your products with style and sophistication.

What you get(sizes in mm):

Small - 75x75x25, 75x75x40, 75x75x55, 75x75x70

Medium - 102x102x25, 102x102x40, 102x102x55, 102x102x70

Large - 127x127x25, 127x127x40, 127x127x55, 127x127x70

Custom sizing and colours available

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